World Cup 2022

Fun88, The times FIFA has left teams out of the Football World Cup


World Cup 2022Fun88, The times FIFA has left teams out of the Football World Cup

the number of times FIFA has left teams out of the football world cup 2022. THE TIMES THAT FIFA FULFILLED WARNINGS AND LEFT TEAMS OUT OF A WORLD CUP. Under warning there is no deception: The Mexican National Team has already received its first sporting sanction by FIFA for the homophobic shout. We thought that FIFA would take it easy with economic sanctions to the Mexican Soccer Federation after the warnings about homophobic shouting in the stadiums, until it kept its word. The Disciplinary Committee of the organization announced that the Mexican National Team will play its first two matches of the qualifiers for football world cup 2022 without fans.

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The sanction comes after 14 economic fines and after the expression that was expressed in the Concacaf pre-Olympic tournament, but also the shout was heard in the Nations League matches, especially against the United States, so FIFA continues investigating and that means that more sanctions will come. The following sanctions could mean the loss of points in the qualifying round, fun88 app which could jeopardize the pass to the World Cup, and if the shouting continues, then the next sanction is the elimination from the World Cup regardless of the number of points obtained.


Can FIFA leave us out of the World Cup?

The Mexican National Team plays an important role in the World Cup economy, as thousands of Mexicans travel every four years to the football world cup 2022 venues, so we could think that FIFA would not dare to do so much. However, Fun88 app Mexico already knows what it is like to be sanctioned by FIFA, which did not touch its heart or its wallet when it warned about four other cases.


Mexico (Italy 1990): This is the case of the 'Cachirules'. In the first instance, FIFA sanctioned the youth team that was seeking a ticket to the U-20 World Cup in 1988. The Mexican Soccer Federation appealed the sanction and all it obtained was a suspension from the Seoul Olympic Games and the 1990 World Cup in Italy. Chile (United States 1994): During the qualifiers for the World Cup Italy 90, goalkeeper Roberto 'Condor' Rojas pretended to be cut in the eyebrow by a flare thrown from the stands of the Maracana and the Andean team left the field to win the points on the table.


Investigations concluded that the goalkeeper had cut himself with a razor, so the goalkeeper was suspended for life and Chile was prevented from playing in the qualifiers for the 1994 World Cup in the United States.


Yugoslavia (United States 1994): FIFA establishes in its regulations that no federation can be controlled or governed by federal governments. This happened with Yugoslavia, in the midst of the Balkan war, which also prevented it from guaranteeing competition, which is why it was excluded from the 1992 European Championship and the 1994 World Cup.


In the case of the Euro, it was replaced by Denmark, which ended up as champion of that tournament, despite the fact that its players were on vacation two weeks before the start of the tournament.


Russia (Qatar 2022): Following the doping scandal that cost Russia the loss of almost 50 Olympic medals, the World Anti-Doping Agency imposed a suspension on Russian sport, which was ratified by the World Anti-Doping Agency and replicated by FIFA for the Qatar World Cup.

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Fun88 Russia competes in the qualifiers and if it qualifies, its players will not be allowed to compete under the flag or the anthem of their country.